About us

Brown County Nashville Indiana Retired Fire Engine


Incorporated in 1954, the Brown County Volunteer Fire Department was the very first fire department in Brown County, Indiana. We still serve the residents of Brown County, but now with the help of 5 other fire departments. 

Response area

With an average yearly run volume of 700-800 emergency calls, BCVFD is the first response for the Town of Nashville and Washington Township. We also serve the majority of the Brown County State Park and Yellowwood State Forest. BCVFD covers a total of 102 square miles of land and water.

Brown County Volunteer Fire Department Nashville Indiana Washington Township Response Area

Photo Credit: Brown County Democrat

Our volunteers

BCVFD is 100% volunteer. That means not a single person on our department gets paid for their service. Without the generosity and passion of our volunteers, there would be no fire response. 

Typically, only 6-15 firefighters are on the roster. This is not enough members for the department to offer full-time emergency services. There is no scheduled staffing or guaranteed response for all of Brown County. All of our volunteers have full-time day jobs and respond from home when they can. This means for several hours during the day, there are no firefighters to respond to emergency calls. 

Volunteers are needed to keep BCVFD running and functional. If you are interested and able, please visit our Recruitment page for more information on how to become a volunteer. With your help, we can continue making a difference. 

Our Trucks

Truck 12

Responds to brush fires and medical calls.

2014 Chevy K3500HD
200 Gallon Tank
200 GPM Pump

Engine 13

Responds to rescue, structure, vehicle, and brush fires.

Engine 15

Responds to structure, vehicle, and brush fires.

2010 International 4400/2011 Rosenbauer
1000 Gallon Tank
1000 GPM Pump

Rescue 16

Responds to rescue, structure fire, and medical calls.

Ladder 1

Currently out of service.

1995 HME/1996 3D/Aerial Innovations 75'
400 Gallon Tank
1500 GPM Pump

Model T

Responds to parades and events.

1919 Ford Model A/Howe
100 Gallon Tank
100 GPM Pump

Last run: September 24th, 1943