219 Unanswered Calls

What can be done?

Why so many calls?

The Brown County Volunteer Fire Department responds to fires, vehicle crashes, emergency medical calls, and a variety of other calls. Covering 102 square miles, thousands of full-time residents, and millions of visitors every year is a lot for a just handful of volunteers. All of our volunteers only respond when called and all of them have other jobs and responsibilities that prevent them from responding.

Why aren't you responding when someone calls 911?

Being a 100% volunteer fire department, we cannot guarantee a response. All of our volunteers have jobs and responsibilities that prevent them from responding at certain times, especially during weekday work hours. On top of that, being a firefighter, even a volunteer, requires hundreds of hours of training and continuing education every year. The time required and stress involved leads many volunteers to quit within 3 years of joining. 

What can I do to help?

The only way to guarantee a response from the fire department is to have 24/7 paid staff. Without that, there will always be some calls that go unanswered. Talk to your elected representatives and let them know that paid staff is needed at the fire department. Having a paid staff means firefighters will always respond when called, response times will be significantly shorter, firefighters will be better trained and prepared for any emergency, and insurance rates for residents and businesses will decrease significantly.

If you want to help some of those calls get answered, apply to be a volunteer!

How do we get paid staff at the fire department?

First, the Brown County Volunteer Fire Department needs to be released from the non-functioning fire district in Brown County. The existing district does not provide any funding for fire departments.

Second, a new territory or district must be formed to allow for tax revenue to go to the fire department.

Third, set up functioning oversight and leadership that establishes a paid fire department.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.